Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Food For Thought

In this post I have put together a couple of bits of health information on foods, including the perfect lunchtime sandwich which can help fight against cancer, build muscle, boost energy levels and more. 

Nutrition-Packed Sandwich

If you're looking for a nutrition-packed, protein-filled sandwich, to help build muscle then I have the perfect ingredients for you to succeed. As well as helping build muscle due to its high protein content, the ingredients can help fight cancer, fortify bones and boost energy levels.

So, the ingredients, and their benefits....

Rye Bread - Fight Cancer - Rye grains contain molecules with a large water-binding capacity, which swells in your stomach, so you're fuller for longer. Rye is also low GI for sustained energy.
Rye Bread
According to studies, choosing breads with more than 51% whole grains, can reduce your risk of cancer, heart disease and diabetes. 

Pastrami - Build Muscle - High in sodium nitrate which aids muscle recovery. This is done by relaxing arteries so more blood and oxygen can flow through. A few slices of pastrami contains 15g of protein and less than 2g of fat.

Sauerkraut - Boosts Energy Levels - This fermented cabbage is packed with disease-fighting nutrients. It also aids digestion by increasing the good bacteria in your stomach.

Swiss Cheese - Fortifying Bones - Contains 30% of your Recommended Daily Allowance (RDA) of calcium. It is also rich in tryptophon which is said to help you reach a deep sleep. The high protein content is also great for improving muscle strength.

As well as having essential health benefits, it's also a delicious light-lunch, easy to make, and easily transported to work, gym, football, or absolutely anywhere, so no excuses, why not try it out?

Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Post Workout Pain Relief

Post Workout Pain Relief

Here I have listed a couple of natural way to take away the pain after a tough workout! Don’t go for the medicine cupboard and take pills, try these 3 naturals instead!

For tired muscles, go for ice and heat. According to studies at the Australian Institute of Sport, putting muscles in hot, then cold conditions enhances recovery. For a simple way of doing this just grab an ice pack(or a bag of frozen peas will do) and press against the sore muscle for 60 seconds, then place in hot water for a further 60 seconds. Alternate this for 5-10 minutes.

For Pain Relief, instead of taking pain killers, try Brazilian Tea! Like ibuprofen, Brazilian Tea has shown to reduce pain and swelling according to researchers at Newcastle University. So go switch the kettle on and put your feet up!

For Joint Ache, get your intake of turmeric extract! Turmeric (pictured left) can stop cartilage from breaking down and, according to researchers at the University of Arizona it can also reduce pain and swelling! Buy turmeric tablets from revital.co.uk

And there you have it, 3 great ways to ease the pain and all done without the need of pills! Let me know how you get on when trying these out. Thanks for reading, and please check my other blog posts.

Friday, 19 April 2013

3 Essential Health Facts You Need To Know

3 Essential Health Facts You Need To Know

Here I have listed just 3 essential health facts to help burn more calories, rid aching joints, and beat prostate cancer. Great information for leading a healthy lifestyle. Why not start today?

1. You can burn an extra 11% of calories when completing fast reps when working out, opposed to normal speed reps with the same size weight!

2. Take 2-3 turmeric tablets a day to get rid of those aching joints. Get yours from revital.co.uk

3. Enjoy sardines to keep your sperm healthy and reduce your risk of prostate cancer. 100g of these supply 70% of your RDA of Selenium.

And there you have it, just a brief blog, with 3 vital facts about health and fitness. Please check back regularly for more health and fitness advice, healthy foods, muscle-building tips and more. Thank you for reading.

Thursday, 18 April 2013

Healthy Eating For Kids

Healthy Eating; Starting Young!

Good nutrition doesn't have to be complicated – for most children, and parents too! it boils down to eating more fruit & veg and eating less junk food.

By encouraging good eating habits in our children from an early age we can help to prevent health problems in later life, such as:

Overweight and obesity
Heart disease & stroke
Type 2 diabetes

You might think that these illnesses strike later in life – and you’d be right – but they take a lifetime to develop and have their roots in childhood. By helping our kids to eat right from an early age, we can help them to avoid these illnesses in the future. It is up to you as a parent to help your children get the healthy diet, as they don't have the capability of making the correct decision when it comes to healthy eating. Children follow trends and what their friends are having, so start your children trending fresh fruit and vegetables now!

Eat More Fruit & Veg

Eating fruit and vegetables every day is vital for good health. Worryingly, most children (and most adults!) do not eat enough of these essential foods.
Reports from the World Health Organisation (WHO) reckon that up to 2.7 million lives worldwide could be saved every year if we simply ate more fruit and vegetables.
Experts recommend that we eat 5-10 portions of fruit and vegetables per day – where a portion is roughly a handful. So in the case of a small child, a small apple or a handful of chopped carrots would count as a single portion. It’s easy to get these vital fruit and vegetables into a daily habit, by having fruit on cereals, making home-made soups and stews and as snacks in general.

So start getting the healthy eating habit into your child from as early an age as possible. And encourage cooking and baking with your children; this will help them gain more knowledge of foods and health, and will help them try more variety of foods. Healthy foods can be tasty foods!

Wednesday, 17 April 2013

3 Incentives To Lose Weight and Gain Years

Despite the vast amounts of advice in the world, most of us continue to put our lives in danger through unhealthy eating and lack of physical exercise! So why do we make ourselves so unhealthy and continue to ignore the advice of the so-called 'experts'!

Now's the time to start paying attention, do something about your health, and even add years to your life! No excuses! Below, I've listed a couple of tips to get you started.....

1. Studies from the Journal of American College of Cardiology shows that if your body mass index(BMI) is between 25-30, you’re more likely to suffer your first heart attack 3 and a half years earlier!
Now you know, go do something about it!

2. Men over 25 years of age, who cut their calorie intake by at least 15%, or 300 calories, increased their average life expectancy by a huge 4.5 years. This information is sourced by St Louis University.

3. And finally, the Journal of Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism say that losing 13.5kg, if your overweight, can raise your testosterone to the level of a man 10 years younger!
Surely that's reason enough to lose that unwanted gut!!

So there it is, just a couple of tips to give you the push you need to lose weight, and even gain years on your life! Please check my other blog posts on healthy eating, beating cancers, lowering cholesterol and much more. Thank you for reading my post.

Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Health Benefits.......Food and Drinks

Health Benefits.......Food and Drinks

My latest blog will have a look at a couple of healthy foods and drinks, and their benefits, which include fighting against cancer, keeping your eyes healthy, and more. Please check out my other Health and Fitness blog posts coming soon, and let me know what you think and any recommendations.

Firstly a look at beetroot, as I've found a few health benefits to this particular vegetable. Now I've never tried this myself, as I'm not a fan of beetroot, but drinking BEETROOT JUICE is said to boost your stamina. This stuff is high in nitrate, which widens blood vessels, optimising oxygen intake for extra energy levels. Great for football, weight training, the lot! Also, scientists from Mid Sweden University found that drinking 700ml of beetroot juice can enable you to hold your breath for 11% longer; especially great if you're a swimmer.
And, if that wasn't enough, scientists at Wake Forest University in North Carolina say that eating just one beetroot a day can help fight Alzheimer's due to its high levels of nitrates (your mouth bacteria then turns it into nitrites). In-turn, the chemicals dilate your blood vessels, increasing flow and oxygen delivery. 

 If you’re serious about fighting against getting cancer then I highly recommend a regular intake of BROCCOLI each week. I’m not the biggest fan of broccoli either, or vegetables in general, but chopping them finely and adding them to soups, stews and much more, is a simple and effective way of beating this, and is also a good way of getting your children eating them, starting them off early. Oregan State University research has shown that the chemical Sulforphane, found in broccoli, attacks cancer cells while ignoring the healthy ones! Perfect combination!

PEANUT BUTTER regenerates your liver! So it's not just a great muscle-gaining aid then! Research done by the University of Virginia found the effects of liver damage can be reversed by eating foods rich in vitamin E, as they help block the RSK proteins that cause cirrhosis. Peanut butter is said to be one of the best sources, so stock your cupboards now!

And next we move onto antioxidants, and the best foods to find them in....

Red Kidney Beans – Studies have shown that these help to reduce cholesterol levels. Also high in the fatty acid DHA, essential for eye health.
Cranberries  – These are said to fight against tooth decay.
Pecans – Eating these can delay age-related Motor Neuron Degeneration.
Wild Blueberries – These little beauties can help you in your weight-loss goals as they’re said to reduce stomach fat.

Thank you for taking the time to read my blog posts, please check back regularly for more information, tips and advice. Also please check my other blog on Horse Racing, and if you want to contact me, please feel free.

2 Food Choice Questions Answered

2 Food Choice Questions Answered

Here I have another short blog answering a 2 questions I have been asked myself plenty of times, as well as seeing them in various magazines and websites. Everyday we struggle in supermarkets, picking which product is best for our needs, but you can't always get a direct answer from any packaging, especially if you don't know what you're looking for. Below I have answered a couple of questions which will hopefully give you useful information for making an informative decision. I will post more Question and Answer blogs over the coming months. If you have any of your own questions, please contact me.

So here we go, the first question I'll be answering today is one asked quite frequently.

Q. Is chicken a better choice than beef? 

A. All in all the answer is not about whether chicken is a healthier choice than beef is, it’s all about how the animal has been raised. Free-range chicken is extremely healthy! The cheaper version has 266% more fat than it did in 1971 according to studies from the Institute of Brain Chemistry and Human Nutrition! Again with beef, grass-fed is better than grain-fed, with 27% less fat and 10% more protein. It’s important when shopping to check different products and their nutritional information. You will find the healthier more expensive!

And the second question is;

Q. 'Is brown rice a lot healthier than white rice?' 

A. It sure is! The extra fibre content ensures you feel fuller for longer. But if this fibre is removed (as with white rice), rising blood sugar triggers a flood of insulin from the pancreas, which encourages the body to store fat. Studies showed that people eating whole grains lost 2.4 times more fat!

I hope these questions and answers were helpful and please leave comments and check back soon for more blogs. If you have any particular questions you want answering, please contact me @JamesHarvey87 or in comments box. I will try my best to get an accurate answer were I don't know myself, and will do my best to answer all questions, either in a blog, or personally.

Gain Extra Muscle and Strength

Gain Extra Muscle and Strength

This short Blog post will give you some great advice on foods and drinks to help gain that extra muscle and strength. Also please keep a look out for future Blog posts on health and fitness advice coming up in the next days and weeks. I used to Blog from http://exerciseandhealth-harvey1234j.blogspot.co.uk/ but after a year or so out, I am back at this new address. 

Now onto the Blog post, enjoy......

Watermelon makes you stronger.....

Recent studies have shown that an amino acid found in watermelon has the potential to boost the amount of weight you can handle and add more reps to your workouts. The acid, known as Citrulline malate, buffers muscle fatigue if you consume it daily.

Protein Shakes add years on your life..... 

Now there's even more reason to enjoy your protein shakes before and after workouts, and as mid-day snacks.
Scientific studies have shown that consuming amino acids, the building blocks of protein, can increase your lifespan by up to 12%. The amino acids digested when you drink one protein shake a day increase activation of the mitochondria in cells, which in turn, slow down the ageing process.

Muscle-Building Tip.....

Studies carried out at the University of Wisconsin, found you lift faster in the evening, which increases muscle growth overnight, so keep your workouts for later in the day, and enjoy some light jogging or walking in the mornings.
Also, 20 minutes after your workout enjoy a bowl of Shreddies. Research from the university of Texas showed them to cause a 17% boost in the muscle-building process.

Build an impressive chest by doing crossover cables. This exercise will also keep your shoulders and rotator cuffs free from injury, and works your abs. 3 in 1, perfect.

And that's about it for now, with just a couple of quick tips about muscle building and foods. I hope you enjoy and please check my other blog posts, and look out for the ones to come, thanks again.