Friday, 14 March 2014

Muscle Building Bacon Sandwich

For this post I have a high-protein version of the classic Bacon Butty. The unhealthy options of butter and mayonnaise have been replaced with garlic, and salsa, which also makes this a great healthy alternative to the original. A Columbian University study completed, showed that the nitrates in bacon could cause bronchitis and emphysema, but you can buy nitrate-free rashers, so have a chat with your butcher. 

So, onto the ingredients........You'll need;

- 2 slices of wholegrain bread
- 1 clove of garlic (halved)
- 1 tbsp of salsa
- 4 rashers of back bacon
- 2 sun-dried tomatoes
- Spinach leaves 

How to make.....

1) Switch the grill to a medium heat, and trim the fat from the outer edge of the bacon rashers. Doing this can reduce the fat content of the bacon by 50%.

2) Stick the bacon under the grill and lightly toast the bread. Once the toast is done, rub the filling-facing side with the garlic clove (halved).

3) When the bacon is cooked, leave it to rest for a minute, between two pieces of kitchen roll. This will soak up the remaining excess fat.

4) Spread the salsa on each slice of toast, and add the bacon and spinach leaves.

5) And, one last thing..........Eat, enjoy, and watch the muscle grow.....


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