Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Protect Your Body

I’ve gone through a lot of articles over recent weeks, looking at foods to boost your brain and memory, ways to cut your stroke risk and protecting your heart. The latter being an essential topic, especially coming to the 5th anniversary of my dad’s sudden death from a heart attack. All of the foods listed have numerous essential health benefits, and should be a key part of everybody’s diet.


ONIONS – Keep your brain fresh; researchers in Japan say their sulphur compounds neutralise toxins which limit cognitive function.

RED CABBAGE – Boost your memory; studies completed on a number of people found that 100g significantly raised brain-boosting anthocyanins.

KIDNEY BEANS – These offer a great combination of inositol and choline, B vitamins which work together to aid the functioning of brain cells.

SARDINES – High in vitamin D; studies done at the University of Manchester found that vitamin D aids memory by protecting key brain pathways. 


Here, I’ve listed 3 quick tips to help cut your risk of strokes. Start today, and protect your life, it’s precious!

1. 27% reduction in your risk of stroke if you swap red meat for chicken.

2. Cut your risk of strokes by eating white-flesh fruits or vegetables, such as apples, bananas and cauliflower. Studies completed in Holland found that one portion of any of these a day, can reduce stroke risk by a massive 52%.
Further studies were to be carried out to establish exactly what causes this highly positive effect.

3. Drinking coke on a regular basis significantly increases your risk of stroke say the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition.


As I mentioned above, this topic has significant importance to me, as my dad died of a sudden heart attack in 2008, and over the years I’ve wanted to pass on vital tips and information to protect your heart. It’s in our own hands, but more teaching is required, and hopefully that’s what I will do.

So, firstly I have a recipe for a smoothie which sports nutritionist Matt Lovell says will strengthen your heart due to its perfect blend of sodium, potassium and good fats.


- 1 Banana
- 150g Raspberries
- 1tbsp Peanut Butter
- 120ml Low Fat Chocolate Frozen Milk
- 240ml Fresh, Semi-Skimmed Milk

Just add it all to your blender and blend until smooth, then enjoy! 

Quick Tip; Men who drink 5 glasses of water each day have a 54% lower risk of heart disease, says the American Journal of Epidermiology.

That’s all from my latest post, I hope you enjoyed it and learnt something new. Please check back regularly for more posts on living a healthy lifestyle. Thank you for visiting.

Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Health Benefits of SPINACH

Find some great recipes that include spinach here; and please check back soon for more great tips and advice to lead a healthy lifestyle. Thank you for checking my blog.