Saturday, 11 May 2013

More Cancer Fighting Tips!

Again today the main focus is going to be on foods and exercise which are proven to be great at fighting cancer. There will be other posts on different topics, but this being a deadly disease which is claiming thousands of lives every year around the UK alone. We need to help each other and share any vital information we have, which is why I am here.

So, onto the different foods and exercise. I have listed 4 key points, here they are;

  • Scientists at Sheffield Hallam University have found that baking British garden rhubarb for 20 minutes can dramatically increase its levels of anti-cancerous chemicals. The rhubarb itself contains high levels of polyphenols which are fast becoming cancer's worst enemy as a non-toxic alternative to standard treatments. 

  • There's 40% decrease in the chances of you dying from ALL major diseases, if you run regularly, according to scientists at Stanford University in California. Regular running primes your body to avoid the onset of cancers, neurological diseases, infections and other major causes of death. The scientists also published a companion paper showing running wasn't a cause of osteoporosis in later life too. 

  • Adding Rosemary to your Sunday Roast Beef can reduce your risk of cancer-causing heterocyclic omines (HCA's), formed during cooking. A study in the "Journal of Food Science" found that this herb was a tasty method of stopping the compound's formation. 

  • Researchers at the University of Scranton in Pennsylvania found that, not only being a great low-calorie alternative to crisps, popcorn will reduce your risk of developing cancer. Dr Joe Vinson, the study leader, explained that it was due to the popcorns surprisingly high levels of polyphenols, which are antioxidants that are a key part in fighting tumours.

And that's it on the blog post today. Again, more essential health advice to fight off cancer. Please share my posts on Twitter and Google + when you get chance, it's much appreciated. Thank you for reading my post and please check back regularly.

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