Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Beat Diabetes with Red Wine & Chocolate

Beat Obesity Playing Football

Researchers say you can cut male obesity by taking up participation in football. A bit obvious to me.....any form of running around constantly for two 45 minute periods, on a regular basis, will drastically cut your risk of obesity, high cholesterol, heart disease. 
Around 375 overweight football fans were invited to take part in a 12 week programme of training sessions at their local football clubs. A year on, the men had lost around 5 kgs each compared to the same number of participants put on a waiting-list. 
Co-author Prof Kate Hunt, from Glasgow University, said: "Weight management and dieting are often wrongly viewed as women's issues, meaning that some men do not want to take part in existing weight management programmes."

Beat Diabetes with Red Wine and Chocolate

Scientists say you can beat diabetes with red wine and chocolate. Dark chocolate, berries and even red wine contain flavanoids and now it has emerged that eating high levels of the compounds can provide protection from type 2 diabetes by helping the body regulate sugar levels. 
Professor Aedin Cassidy has led the research at the University of East Anglia in Norwich.
She said: "Small changes to the normal diet you have can have significant effects on prevention efforts.

Women Risking Lives Missing Cervical Tests
A charity warns that women are risking their lives missing cervical tests. The simple test, to which all women aged between 25 and 64 are invited regularly, is vital to help doctors spot any abnormal cells which could later turn into cancer.
Cervical cancer kills around three women every day in the UK, and is the most common type affecting women under 35.
Yet research, commissioned by Jo's Cervical Cancer Trust, showed one in three 25 to 29-year-olds do not take up their invitations for a smear test.
While 26% of young women were delaying their first screening because they worried it would be painful and embarrassing.

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