Monday, 24 February 2014

Healthy Living - Food and Fitness

Want The Body? Eat Clean!
More healthy foods in this post, and I'll start with a couple of foods that are essential for healthy eyes; 

Salmon - Ideal if you work all day sat in front of a computer screen. Japanese research found that office workers reported a 54% reduction in eye fatigue, after taking astaxanthin, 5mg daily, for a month. A medium salmon fillet provides the perfect dose. 

Aubergine - Stop age-related vision problems by eating aubergines. A Columbia University study showed antioxidants found in the skin prevented the accumulation of vision-clouding pigments in later life. 

3 Quick Tips 

1. Train harder by sucking mints! Cyclists who could smell peppermint before training perceived 15% less effort, so went further, according to studies done in West Virginia.

2. Add 2 alcoholic drinks and three moderate cardio sessions into your week to reduce your risk of heart failure by 20%. But go steady, regular alcohol in-take, of 30 units or more a week, can lead to congestive heart failure. 

3. Lose an extra 33 lbs of fat if you swap running regularly for playing football, plus you can gain an extra 2kg of muscle too.


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