Monday, 17 March 2014

Healthy Foods - Omega 3's, Improving Sleep and Heart Health

It's all well and good saying healthy foods, but what exactly are the healthiest foods, and more importantly, what makes them so healthy? Here's a few quick healthy food tips, and the benefits they hold;

1) Scientific researchers have found that drinking cherry juice can improve all aspects of sleep in adults. According to the scientists, the key is the high melatonin content, which they believe causes optimum sleep-time. 
As well as this, eating cherries on a regular basis can prevent arthritis. They contain a high amount of anthocyonin, which is a compound that reduces inflammation in your joints and muscles. 

2) There's 38% extra brain-boosting omega 3's in an organic chicken, compared to a caged chicken, so choose wisely when you're next out shopping. 
Omega 3's can also help prevent depression, arthritis and cancer, amongst other diseases.

3) Help protect your heart by eating honeydew melon. Top nutritionist Lorner Driver-Davies says that the fruits potassium and water content combine to combat the high sodium levels in a Western diet, which will safeguard your blood pressure. 
Another heart protecting food is the mushroom, which University of Illinois researchers found to be rich in total dietary fibres, that can help maintain a healthy heart. 

Still protecting the heart, the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition found that you could reduce your risk of a heart attack by 41% by taking a multivitamin everyday. 


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