Saturday, 24 August 2013

Worlds Healthiest Food & Drinks

In this post I've got a number of different food and drink items which can help protect your body in many different ways, including keeping your eyes healthy, protecting yourself from skin cancer, reducing cholesterol and your risk of heart attacks, plus more. 

We'll start with the food items I've looked into, and first the huge benefits of eating KIDNEY BEANS. These beans not only help with muscle-building, but can also ensure you keep your EYESIGHT in tip-top condition. This is due to their high levels of fatty acid DHA which is essential for eye health. Studies from Harvard Medical School found that, consuming high levels of it can mean a 43% lower risk of macular degeneration. 
And still on kidney beans.....Studies have shown that eating regularly, they can reduce your risk of BOWEL CANCER by 33%. A chilli a couple of times a week should be enough to get the benefits.

Guard yourself against PROSTATE CANCER by eating TOMATOES, which are rich in cancer-beating lycopene. Added in a simple salad everyday is the best way to get your regular intake. 

Now, we all know that fruit has its benefits, but which are the best, which should you pick next time you're out shopping......Here's a couple to look out for and bring home........firstly FIGS. One of these a day can reduce your risk of developing CANCER and DIABETES. Plus they're high in CALCIUM to help keep bones strong. 
The other fruit to go for is DRIED APRICOTS. Not only do they fend off AGEING, and keep teeth and bones healthy, but they can protect against CANCER too!! Loads of benefits to make this fruit a must-have everyday. Add a few to your cereal in a morning.

That's it for the foods for this post, so on we go with the couple of drinks essential for a healthy lifestyle, plus the benefits they can bring to your body....

Drinking 3 cups of COFFEE a day is said to reduce your risk of SKIN CANCER by up to 20%. But don't drink more than that, just stick to 3 cups, and make sure you get enough water on-board each day. Also, when having your first coffee of a morning, wait 30 minutes after your breakfast. Caffeine interferes with your body's ability to absorb IRON and can decrease the amount you intake by a massive 73%.

And back onto your EYESIGHT, and, according to the Journal of Neuroscience, a glass of ORANGE JUICE per day improves and preserves eyesight. Also high in vitamin C for healthy bones. Enjoy a 200 ml glass each morning with your breakfast.

If you're dehydrated during exercise you can drop 30% in STRENGTH. If you want to start seeing the benefits, start drinking 500 ml of WATER per 30 minutes of exercise say Alabama A and M and Auburn Universities. 

For now that's all I have on the healthy food and drinks. I hope you enjoyed reading and learnt something new to help you. Please share my posts where you can, and keep checking back for more. Thank you for visiting.

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